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You Were Born In To A World That Was Designed To Stop You From Enjoying As Much Sex As Every Generation That Came Before You…

I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, or something, but this is completely true…

Your bodies ability to achieve and maintain thick, pulsing, and full erections is a direct result of a hormone called Active Sextual Testosterone (AST for short)…

The more AST your body produces, the fuller and more frequent your erections will become…

There Are 5 Elements That Determine Active Sexual Testosterone Production:

1 – Fuel: This means a diet of clean, healthy, food that comes from nature. Chemically altered and processed foods may be more convenient, but all the unnatural ingredients hinder our production of Active Sexual Testosterone.

2 – Exercise: Cardio for blood flow and circulation, and resistance to thicken your blood and get a good “pump”. I’m sure you realize that an erection is just blood rushing to your penis all at once. So unless you are actively thickening the plasma in your blood, how can you expect to have an extra thick erection when the time comes to use it?

3 – Rest: In order to get a deep enough sleep at night, your body needs to stay active almost all day. Unfortunately, most people are resting their bodies far too much during the day and not even realizing it. This is a far bigger problem than you might realize at the moment.

4 – Alcohol/Drugs: Drinking excessively, smoking, or using drugs can slow down or completely stop AST production. Yes – past generations had access to these things too, but they weren’t thrown in our faces the way they are today.

5 – Stress: We all deal with stress on a daily basis, and that’s okay because our bodies were designed to be able a few areas of stress at a time. However, in today’s society, we not only deal with the major stressors, but we also have dozens of smaller areas of stress hurled at us in ways nature was never ready for.

Obviously, you’re going to agree…

When you don’t eat right, don’t get proper exercise or sleep, drink too much, and are constantly under stress, how can you possibly expect your body to work right?

You can’t… Plain and simple!

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You’ve Been Sabotaged And Basically Had Your Penis Cut Off Without Even Knowing It

The world we live in today has set you up to fail, and you probably don’t realize it…

Does this sound anything like your daily life?

You wake up too early, and don’t have time for a proper breakfast or cardio exercise.

Your commute to work mainly involves you staying still and not moving your body a lot.

Once at work you either remain mostly motionless at your desk, or you have to perform back-breaking manual labor that leaves you absolutely worn out.

During the day you eat genetically and chemically altered food that’s been loaded with preservatives (even if you go to one of those “healthy” places that charges a fortune for a salad, those veggies have also been loaded with all kinds of crap your body wasn’t designed to handle)

Then it’s another commute home, followed by dinner and sitting on the couch until it’s time for bed.

On top of that, you’ve got family and social obligations, bills piling up, aches and pains that come from age, possible debts that might seem impossible to pay off, and not enough money coming in…

It’s no wonder you’re constantly under stress…

Now here’s the really scary part…

Every Thing I Just Mentioned Can KILL Active Sexual Testosterone Production…

Even if you try and stay healthy, get enough sleep, and don’t drink too much alcohol…

It’s damn near impossible to undo the 12+ hours of damage you endure every single day!

Why not pills? Death – expensive – 1 time fix, not a lifetime solution.

I worked with the top sexual health researchers in the world and combined all of their collective knowledge into a book many men began referring to the Bible of Erectile Dysfunction, which is why I decided to call it The ED Bible

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Right away, we’re going to bust all the myths and misinformation that can actually hurt you and make your ED worse than ever. Once you’re aware of these lies, you’ll never fall victim to them again.

Rather than trying to cure your ED from just one angle, you’re going to discover strategies and secrets to attack this problem from every possible direction. This means you won’t just get rid of your erectile dysfunction… You are going to completely ANNIHILATE it so you’ll never have to worry about it coming back!

2 dead simple “mind hacks” that will help you achieve the biggest, fullest, and longest lasting erections of your entire life… WITH JUST THE POWER OF YOUR MIND!

You’ll also discover how to last as long as you want without ever worrying that you might lose your erection before you or your lover ever feel any real pleasure. From this day forward, she will have no choice but to see you as a REAL man.

I’m also going to share with you the 7 “erection killers” Once you eliminate these 7 items from your life, your body will instantly begin producing much more Active Sexual Testosterone… This means you’ll be getting erections faster and more frequently than a teenager in a lingerie store.

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How to get rock hard anytime you want no matter how old you are… You may not be as physically fit as you once were, but that won’t be an excuse when it comes to your fun in the bedroom.

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